Spend 30 Minutes with International Speaker and Excutive Coach Robert White

Extraordinary People, Leadership Training Event, Denver Executive Coach Before you schedule any leadership training event or have a Denver executive coach come in, it's always a good idea to sit down face to face with the speaker and get to know them and their methods.  If you're going to hire an expert, wouldn't it be great to know just what kind of knowledge they will be passing on to you and your peers?

Before ever stepping in front of a group, Extraordinary People's Robert White would like to sit down with you to strategize on how to best connect with your audience with relevant teachings.

Topics covered in the 30 minute strategy session include:

  • Q&A meant to discover problems and issues to develop seminar topics around
  • An overview of Robert's speaking and training methods
  • Pricing options and scheduling availability
  • Answering any specific questions you may have

Sign up for your 30 minute strategy session today and find out how Extraordinary People's Robert White can help you and your organization.

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