The Quantum Leap

Creating a Future Freely Chosen 

All of us have thought patterns, belief systems and automatic behaviors that have shaped both what and who we have become. They are the foundation for yesterday's successes and failures, not what is possible tomorrow and beyond. To the degree that they remain unconscious and unexamined, they limit our ability to respond positively, limit our growth and accomplishment. As conscious beings, we have the unique ability to free ourselves from the past and to create our work, our organization and our life from a future that inspires us. 

The Quantum Leap is a two day, highly personal, individual executive intensive designed to alter the course of your career and your life. It is about redesigning your personal architecture; giving you the freedom to operate from a personal strategic intent to produce the future that calls to you but does not now seem possible. 

Day One

The first half of the program concentrates on revealing the unconscious thought patterns, ingrained belief systems and automatic behaviors that have shaped you and now limit your freedom to choose your future. Once revealed, the grip of all that has constrained you can be broken. You see totally new possibilities for achieving your existing goals, dealing with what you are presently up against, empowering close working relationships and intervening in what is not working. 

Day Two

Having cleared the path and dealt powerfully with the immediate work-related issues, you will be free to create the future that is calling to you. Seeing that such a future is possible, you will be inspired and moved to act. At that point, we will work with you to develop a path forward and an action plan that will redirect your life. You will be renewed, ready to act, and have the road map for realizing your personal strategic intent and an extraordinary future. 

This declaration of a “future freely chosen” and the road map you’ve designed provides a template for a result-oriented, productive and enjoyable coaching relationship.