You Are a Senior Executive

by Robert White

It’s a great gig …. perhaps until it’s not.

I’ve had the privilege of working with senior execs from companies like JPMorganChase, AT&T, United Telephone, Nikken, Career Track and many more.  While I’m fully aware that every situation is different, I notice many questions are held in common even when they are not openly asked: 

  • What are my blind spots?  What am I not noticing that might put my company and even my position at risk?
  • Who is really my partner in this work?  Who can I safely and effectively confide in?  Who is also lobbying for the job I want or even my job? 
  • Exactly what are my strengths and how can I further leverage them into results that are recognized and appreciated?
  • What am I being or doing that needs improvement and how can I do this efficiently and confidentially?
  • How do I honestly assess myself individually and as part of a team without appearing weak or less powerful?
  • Who, what …. gives me perspective, the bigger picture, while I’m consumed with detail and getting the job done?
  • How can I contribute to my team – their learning, growth and development?
  • How can I balance my obligations to my work, family and community?
  • Am I paying an appropriate amount of attention to what’s next, my career and my personal goals? 

You wouldn’t dream of making key legal or medical or accounting decisions without professional advice.  Aren’t these questions just as or even more important to your future?  My role is to be an independent resource for some of the most important decisions you will ever make.  My only agenda is your success. 

I regularly work with key employees – individually or as a team – however my focus is usually on the Senior Executive.  My approach begins with the individual leader and includes 4-6 hours of written pre-work, a two day one-on-one intensive called The Quantum Leap and then a minimum of six months of individualized coaching.  

In the Quantum Leap intensive, I work with you to first complete your past, to close the book on what brought you to this place while learning what you need to learn from your history.  Then we jointly take a look at your current reality: your key relationships, your personal assets and the areas where you want to improve.  The final aspect of the two day program is to create a compelling future freely chosen – free of any past patterning or experience – and a personalized set of objectives and how we are going to work together. 

Common coaching objectives might include 

  • Careful attention to your focus and eliminating any distractions or timewasters
  • Helping you to align your team behind your purpose, vision, values, strategic intent and goals
  • Creating a structure for your business and personal life that truly serves all of your goals – short and long term
  • Taking care of “Self.”  How can you improve your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical fitness so that your life purpose and vision are realized? 

Ultimately my role is to be your committed partner in accomplishment – in living an extraordinary life.  I’ll offer a different, experienced perspective and serve as an interruption when I think/feel it’s appropriate.  After all, hiring me is a decision to shift your way of being and doing in the world and when I’m doing my job it will include interrupting old patterns and helping you install new, more productive attitudes, habits and behaviors. 

Call me at (303) 993-4640 or e mail me directly to see if we personally connect, get your questions answered and see if my coaching can help you live the life you were born to live.  It's my pleasure to invest 30 minutes in you and find out what's possible.