You Are a Business Owner or Partner

by Robert White 

According to popular culture and belief, you’re rich beyond Croesus, more powerful than a locomotive, know everything you need to know, have unlimited vacation time and are admired by all.


I’ve founded and led two fast growing seminar companies doing business on four continents plus I’ve worked with business owners from multiple industries.  I know how tough it can be to navigate through the minefield of today’s business environment.  My personal leadership experience plus learning from my clients informs me that you want some or all of the following: 

  • Sustained growth and profitability with a sense of financial ease
  • A steady movement toward working on your business – not in it
  • Confidence that you can handle whatever “comes up” including capitalizing on new opportunities
  • A leadership team that allows you to step away for family, leisure or public service commitments
  • A business that has sellable value – to investors, shareholders or employees
  • Recognition from your family, friends and the community that you’re doing a good job, that you’re making a positive contribution. 

I regularly work with key employees – individually or as a team – however my focus is usually on the leader.  My approach begins with the individual and includes 4-6 hours of written pre-work, a two day one-on-one intensive called The Quantum Leap and then a minimum of six months of coaching.  

In the Quantum Leap intensive, I work with you to first complete your past, to close the book on what brought you to this place while learning what you need to learn from your history.  Then we jointly take a look at your current reality: your key relationships, your personal assets and the areas where you want to improve.  The final aspect of the two day program is to create a compelling future freely chosen – free of any past patterning or experience – and a personalized set of objectives and how we are going to work together.

Common coaching objectives might include 

  • Careful attention to your focus and eliminating any distractions or timewasters
  • Helping you to align your team behind your purpose, vision, values, strategic intent and goals
  • Creating a structure for your business and personal life that truly serves all of your goals – short and long term
  • Taking care of “Self.”  How can you improve your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical fitness so that your life purpose and vision are realized? 

Ultimately my role is to be your committed partner in accomplishment – in living an extraordinary life.  I’ll offer a different, experienced perspective and serve as an interruption when I think/feel it’s appropriate.  After all, hiring me is a decision to shift your way of being and doing in the world and when I’m doing my job it will include interrupting old patterns and helping you install new, more productive attitudes, habits and behaviors. 

Call me at (303) 993-4640  or contact me via e mail to see if we personally connect, get your questions answered and see if my coaching can help you live the life you were born to live.  It's my pleasure to invest 30 minutes in you and find out what's possible.