You Are a Professional

by Robert White 

Lawyer?  CPA?  Doctor? Architect? Financial Planner?  All these roles take years of academic and experiential preparation and are highly regarded in our culture.  Each these roles have unique challenges and opportunities yet in my coaching work with these professionals I’ve noticed some patterns:  

  • You value your independence even thought you might be operating in some kind of partnership or corporate structure
  • You want the financial rewards that arise out of your education and hard work
  • You want to be the best at what you do – to maintain a high level of competence
  • You want to attract and serve clients in your “sweet spot” and to do so with ease
  • You want to run your business in such a way that the experience is not one of “it is running you”
  • You want a support staff that is focused, aligned and committed. 

To paraphrase a line from my book, Living an Extraordinary Life, “these wants are simple but not easy!”  My observation is that burnout is all too common for many talented but overwhelmed professionals.  The other observation is that these pros who sell advisory services to others all too often don’t retain professional help to help them personally and professionally.  That’s a hint to call Robert folks! 

I regularly work with key support staff – individually or as a team – however my focus is usually on the professional.  My approach begins with the individual and includes 4-6 hours of written pre-work, a two day one-on-one intensive called The Quantum Leap and then a minimum of six months of individualized coaching.  

In the Quantum Leap intensive, I work with you to first complete your past, to close the book on what brought you to this place while learning what you need to learn from your history.  Then we jointly take a look at your current reality: your key relationships, your personal assets and the areas where you want to improve.  The final aspect of the two day program is to create a compelling future freely chosen – free of any past patterning or experience – and a personalized set of objectives and how we are going to work together. 

Common coaching objectives might include 

  • Careful attention to your focus and eliminating any distractions or timewasters
  • Helping you to align your team behind your purpose, vision, values, strategic intent and goals
  • Creating a structure for your business and personal life that truly serves all of your goals – short and long term
  • Taking care of “Self.”  How can you improve your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical fitness so that your life purpose and vision are realized? 

Ultimately my role is to be your committed partner in accomplishment – in living an extraordinary life.  I’ll offer a different, experienced perspective and serve as an interruption when I think/feel it’s appropriate.  After all, hiring me is a decision to shift your way of being and doing in the world so when I’m doing my job it will include interrupting old patterns and helping you install new, more productive attitudes, habits and behaviors. 

Call me at (303) 993-4640 or e mail me directly to see if we personally connect, get your questions answered and see if my coaching can help you live the life you were born to live.  It's my pleasure to invest 30 minutes in you and find out what's possible.